1. Scope of the Policy
    • This Backup Policy sets out Iceberg Digital’s processes for backing up Customer Data. This includes its back-up schedule, performed scheduled back-ups, providing routine and emergency data recovery, and managing the archiving process.
    • Terminology used in this Policy follows the definitions set out Iceberg Digital's Lifesycle Terms of Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) (as amended from time to time).
    • This Policy does not grant Customers any additional rights other than those set out in the Agreement and does not impose any additional obligations or liabilities on Iceberg Digital.
    • Iceberg Digital may amend the Backup Policy in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time.
    • Any failure by Iceberg Digital to comply with this Policy will not give rise to any breach of contract claim or claim for damages from any Customer or third party.
  2. Back Up Services
    • As part of the Services carried out under the Agreement, Iceberg Digital shall provide Digital Back Up services of Customer Data, storage of the Backed Up Customer Data, and where necessary retrieval of the Backed Up Customer Data as set out in this Policy.
    • Customer Data is stored on Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) facilities.
  3. Frequency of Back Up
    • Iceberg Digital shall carry out a back-up schedule of Customer Data as follows:
    • at least weekly full back-ups and
    • daily incremental back-ups.
    • Daily BackupOperations shall be fully automated
    • Iceberg Digital shall carry out backups prior to any installation of any upgrade or modification of the Lifesycle platform.
  4. Testing
    • Iceberg Digital shall ensure that there is regular testing of the Back-Up system to check that it is operating as anticipated. This testing shall be carried out following each installation of upgrades or modifications. 
  5. Storage of BackUp Data
    • Backed Up Data shall be stored on a different cloud storage disks (from day to day service usage) by Amazon, exact details are: AWS S3
  6. Recall and Restoration of Back Up Data
    • In the event of Data loss by the Customer, Iceberg Digital shall provide recovery services to try to restore the most recent Back-Up of the Customer Data.
    • Customers (or their authorised representatives) may request a recall for the back up. This request should be in writing, giving details of the data to be recalled along with dates of creation of the data and/or deletion of the data and providing details as to why they want the backup and depending on data size the backup.
    • Iceberg Digital shall request the data from the AWS servers. If the Data is available, Iceberg Digital will export the data in csv format and aim to send this to the Customers within 30 days of the date of the Customer’s request for the data to be retrieved.
  7. Retention of Customer Data and Records
    • In addition to the Backed Up Customer Data, Iceberg Digital shall retain records of the Back up (“Records”) as encrypted snapshots (as detailed below under “Storage”) for 90 days from the date of the Back Up.
    • Backup Records will usually be appropriately labelled with details of owner, date, nature of backup (e.g. Full image copy or file copy).
    • After 90 days from the date of the Backup, the Customer Data and the Records shall be automatically deleted (and will not be retrievable).
  8. Fees for Recall
    • If the Recall is due to something that the Customer has or should have done (but failed to do so), the Customer agrees to pay Iceberg Digital’s technical support time at £100 +VAT per hour for time spent on the administration and in recall of the Customer Data.
    • Iceberg Digital will not charge where the Recall is required due to acts or omissions caused by Iceberg Digital.
  9. Confidentiality and Data Protection
    • Iceberg Digital shall ensure that the Backed up Customer Data is kept confidential and stored in encrypted form.
    • All Customer Data (whether or not that data includes personal data as defined under the GDPR) shall be processed in compliance with IceBerg Digital’s Privacy Notice and stored in accordance with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”)’s privacy policy (see
  10. Implementation of Policy
    • This Policy shall be deemed effective as of January 2020. No part of this Policy shall have retroactive effect and shall thus apply only to matters occurring on or after this date.