3 common secrets to attract dominance against rivals

3 common secrets to attract dominance against rivals

If you look at the top leaders of each industry in the modern world, you may find that they all share common traits for running their business. The key to becoming the best in your local area, country or even nationally is being better than the next guy. It’s all about adapting to the modern world, new technology and making a strategy to get ahead of the competition.

This is just as true for the industry of estate agency. Keeping in mind what your competition is doing is vital to staying at the forefront of agency. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 3 most common secrets leaders of estate agency focus on to attract dominance against their rivals. By utilising these secrets, you could find yourself top of the leaderboard in your area, established as the expert of estate agency.

  1. New technology

The world is changing and businesses should be changing with it. The rise in technology gives more advantages than ever before to estate agencies willing to implement them into their business. Proptech tools have spurred small agencies onto greatness over the last few years, and you can be sure that your top competitor you just can’t seem to beat will be utilising all of the tools available to pull in leads, nurture and track those leads, and ultimately convert them into customers. The rise in companies who offer technological help to estate agencies also means you don’t have to figure out the complicated digital world yourself. Your rivals won’t be able to keep up!

  1. Content marketing

Advertising used to be about spending money on interruption marketing- flyers, billboards, and radio/TV ads can still be useful occasionally in your marketing arsenal, but entertaining and useful content is the method that really adds value to your relationships with potential customers these days. The top experts swear by content marketing, but to be effective, you need to have a strategy in place. Get the RIGHT content in front of the RIGHT customers, and place yourself as THE expert of estate agency in your area.

  1. Lead nurturing

Once you’ve got those leads, then what do you do? There are so many estate agencies out there who allow leads to be constantly lost, many even factoring the dead end leads into their business plan. Why!? There’s absolutely no need for leads to be lost or turn into “dead-end leads” with the use of lead nurturing. By maintaining contact, nurturing relationships, and adding value to the lives of your leads throughout the whole journey to becoming a customer, you can be sure they won’t be stolen away by a competitor up the road. Don’t even give your rivals the chance!

By implementing these 3 rules into your business, you can be certain you will dominate your rivals and continue to grow in reputation and popularity.

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