4 basic tips to stop your estate agency from going out of business in 2017

4 basic tips to stop your estate agency from going out of business in 2017

As the world has evolved over the years, marketing has too and it is often argued that content marketing is the only marketing left, but what is it and how can it help you? Here is our quick guide to content marketing, enjoy! 

Tried and tested activities that were popular years ago, just don’t work like they once did. Advertising rarely gets enough response in order to justify the costs and you might even find that the website you spent a lot of money and time on, just isn’t creating the appropriate leads and clicks. 

As an agent, you know that there are clients out there who would value and need your assistance but just how do you get their attention? The Internet changed the world, but social media has changed it twice over – In the 90’s people had no option but to look through the newspapers, take note of flyers and use the telephone to call you up. Even just 10 years ago smart phones were not very smart and if someone wanted information on your business, they would use the internet to get your number and call or email your office. Now, the visit to your website is to get a feel for your business, not to get your contact number. This is why valuable content is so important, your website needs to have ‘something’ other than just the basic info. 

Think of it like this, other than for contact info is there any real reason for someone to visit your website? We can’t count the property search as a reason anymore thanks to Rightmove, so what else is there that might keep them there and more importantly want to come back?

Let’s use one more analogy to put this into perspective. You want to employ the services of a business coach. What is the first thing you do? Search the internet, you immediately find two business coaches and have a look at both websites. The first has interesting blogs with hints and tips on business, they have videos and even have their own magazine. The second site has a photo of the business coach, some info about how great he thinks he is and some contact info. When put like that it is easy to see which one you would use but the other crucial part of this is to understand the journey that you would probably go on, as you might not contact that first business coach straight away - but you do like the content on his website. Because of this you actually think it would be useful to subscribe to his newsletters and magazines and also follow him on social media. This has turned you into a new lead in his mini eco system and from here you will take part in the journey through his nurture campaigns right through to the point of sale. How to use nurture programs like Fragra etc in order to create marketing automation journeys is a separate topic that you can read about here if you feel you already have the content problem solved.

If this article has struck a cord with you here are our 4 simple action points for you to print out and discuss internally to help your business grasp one of the biggest problems facing most estate agencies today....

  1. Is there any real reason for someone to visit your website other than to get your contact details? (We can’t count the property search as a reason thanks to Rightmove)
  2. Is there any reason that visitors would want to keep coming back to your website?
  3. What is out there that will lead potential customers to your website?
  4. What content does your company have on social media that would actually drive people to your website?

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