4 biggest mistakes when trying to win instructions

4 biggest mistakes when trying to win instructions

Research shows that at least 50% of leads brought in by marketing aren’t ready to commit immediately. With lead nurturing you can help move those leads from curious potentials through to satisfied customers.

Yet without a marketer in house, many estate and letting agents can make devastating mistakes when it comes to lead nurturing that could be costing them valuable business.  We’ve put together 4 common misconceptions estate and letting agencies seem to have when they come to us for lead nurturing.

  1. The customer will contact you when they want to be sold to

Most estate agents place a quick phone call, send a routine email and hope for the best, with no idea when the potential client is ready to convert. The most likely scenario is your company name has dropped out of their head by the time they’re ready to convert, and they could end up going elsewhere.

We recommend you have a structured drip campaign and tracker in place, to remind them of your expertise every step of the way. By the time your tracker prompts you they’re ready to convert, they’ve got every confidence in your ability and your sales team can step in to close the deal.

  1. Once a lead becomes a customer, nurturing stops

The average person moves house every 7 years. By keeping them in a nurture journey throughout the process and beyond, you’ll keep that customer coming back to you again and again, which means you’re not just nurturing them short term, but for life.

  1. Lead nurturing is about the numbers

This is a myth that will empty your contacts list fast. Lead nurturing is not about sending random content to everyone; it’s about sending the right content, to the right leads, at the right time.

You need to make sure you’re creating customer journeys for different types of customers to ensure they’re receiving content they’ll be interested in. A customer who is waiting for the contracts to be signed will respond to different content than someone looking for a short-term rental.

  1. To stay on top of lead nurturing, you’ll have to hire a full time member of staff

Dealing with lead nurturing internally can haemorrhage money for your business and could involve training and finding space for a new member of staff.

Using online tools like our Bait and Fragra systems will not only track your potential customers, generating leads, but will also slot them into the correct nurturing customer journeys, set up by us or personalised by you, to make sure they convert, saving your internal team time and money.

For more information on how to use our systems, or how to improve your lead nurturing, get in touch or see our website. 

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