5 signs your marketing isn’t working

5 signs your marketing isn’t working

You’re probably aware that marketing has evolved over the years but how do you know whether your marketing is still successful or not? After all, you’ve been implementing the same marketing plan for years and it used to work, right?  If you’re still using traditional marketing methods then chances are, your strategy could be improved. Take a look at these 5 signs your marketing isn’t working and how to turn them around.

You’re not achieving your goals

If goals constantly get changed or pushed back, then something is seriously wrong! Whether you aim for more clicks, better leads, increased growth or higher profits, instead of changing your goals, you need to change your strategy. Traditional marketing methods such as flyers, leaflets and adverts no longer work like they used to as the public are now more intelligent than that. Nowadays, it is imperative that your business implements a content marketing loop.

Your posts aren’t getting any clicks

Do you feel like you’re providing great content but it isn’t generating any clicks? You need to understand your target audience, ensuring that you’re putting your content out in the right place – for example, if your business is targeting over 65’s then Facebook probably isn’t the best option. If you are sharing information onto your social media then ensure that your titles grab attention and make people want to open them. Instead of writing ‘losing fat article’ write ‘5 simple ways to get that fantastic beach body.’

Leads aren’t being generated

Is your content getting a high click rate but you aren’t seeing the leads you had hoped for? It is important that your landing page doesn’t scare potential customers away – are you asking for too much information? Are you giving them content which isn’t desired? Consider using a lead generation tool to ensure that your information is ending up in front of the correct people and therefore nurture them until the point of sale.

Searching your business on Google doesn’t put you on the first page of results

This may sound obvious but if you aren’t dominating the page of results then how are potential customers meant to find you? Having active social media accounts helps and you should also create a company blog. By posting engaging, entertaining and educating content on your blog frequently with appropriate tags you will increase your SEO and appear higher up on search engines. You can also easily link your blog and social media accounts, driving up traffic. 

You are spending lots of money on your marketing plan but not seeing much ROI

Tried and tested activities that were popular years ago, just don’t work anymore. Advertising rarely gets enough response in order to justify the costs and you might even find that the website you spent a lot of money and time on, just isn’t creating the appropriate leads and clicks. People no longer want to receive traditional marketing methods like newspaper adverts and flyers and nowadays, effective marketing comes down to creating high quality content, which is then shared across the web. Utilise what you have – social media is a very effective means of marketing and is free!

It is also important to remember that having a bad ROI doesn’t necessarily mean that your marketing has gone wrong. Instead, it could indicate that your sales didn’t follow up. It is crucial to ensure your sales and marketing team are on the same path and know everything about the product/ content they are selling.

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