5 steps to a successful marketing campaign

One thing that is the same in large and small businesses is that successful marketing follows the same path. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost lots of money and shouldn’t be viewed as daunting. Below are 5 simple steps to creating a prosperous marketing campaign, nurturing leads and as a result sending your sales into overdrive.

1. Be creative

Successful companies didn’t get to where they are today by playing it safe. Don’t be afraid to take risks and show your true identity. It is so important to follow your own lead rather than copying someone else – after all the best marketing campaigns are always the innovative, unique ones. Start by brainstorming a few different ideas, discussing the pros and cons of each and soon you’ll come up with the winning concept.

2. Determine your objective

Before starting you need to get specific about your goals. Ask yourself what your business wants out of the campaign – more leads, more clicks, higher profits, more sales or increased website visits? Having a clear goal will ensure that you keep your marketing strategy on point and have an easy reminder to revert back to.

3. Know your target audience

This is one of the most important factors when it comes down to a successful marketing campaign. Your audience will effect how and why you market your services and they should always be kept at the top of your mind.

4. Decide what channels to use

This will depend on your target audience – for example if you want to target over 65’s then Facebook probably won’t work. You also need to be aware that traditional marketing methods no longer work like they used to. Nowadays, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing are the preferred methods and have a great response rate. As a business, you also need to consider whether video marketing would be valuable.

5. Install a tracking system

If you are going to invest time, resources and money into a marketing campaign then surely you are going to want to know how successful it has been. Nowadays there are advanced marketing automation tools that don’t just track campaigns but nurture leads until the point of sale.

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