6 things you need to learn from Apple’s marketing

6 things you need to learn from Apple’s marketing

Just as they release their latest product, news comes in that they are working on the next best creation – sound familiar? It is increasingly clear that Apple know how to play the business game and it’s clear that the secret of success goes beyond building a popular product. What’s more, we can all learn from this, no matter how big or small our business.

  1. Ignore your critics. Believe it or not but constructive criticism is actually useful. However, those that are simply putting your business down and negating the service/product need to be pushed aside. When Steve Jobs debuted the iPad, criticism flew at it and similar things have happened with each new iPhone addition, yet Apple’s sales figures seem to say different.
  2. Know your price and believe in it. If you think you’ve overpriced a product, then you are never going to be able to sell it confidently. Likewise, if you are in the middle of a sales pitch and a potential client begins bartering and you start to change your price, you won’t appear as a strong salesman. Apple confidently price their products at a much higher rate compared to their competitors and justify this by building beautiful products with features and benefits that can’t be matched.
  3. Use product placement. Apple has the budget to get its devices on television shows and movies and whilst this may not be possible for everyone, any business owner can place a product with an influencer who can then share it on their social media or showcase in their showroom/store. Once an influencer shares your product and highlights its benefits, networking has begun and leads are made. 
  4. Get creative. Apple didn’t create phones, laptops or MP3 players but instead took existing concepts and made them desirable. You don’t need to create a new idea or piece of technology but you DO need to make it different, more exciting and have a USP.
  5. Think about the experience. Apple hasn’t just created a product but also an experience. From world-class adverts, incredible product launches and inspiring shops, Apple wins when it comes to customer experiences. Apple has made looking for and buying technical devices exciting.
  6. Keep it simple. People don’t want confusing marketing campaigns riddled with jargon. Apple’s marketing is straightforward allowing the product to speak for itself. In addition to this, Apple has also managed to create mystery surrounding product launches that turns clients into fans and gets them excited.

Whilst we may not have the resources or budget available to Apple, one thing’s for sure, we can all learn from their successful marketing strategies. To speak to one of our experts about the best marketing for your business, get in touch today.


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