6 warning signs of a dying estate agency and what to do

6 warning signs of a dying estate agency and what to do

Unfortunately it is all too common to hear about the traditional estate agency that closed its doors after failing in the modern world. The times are changing but this doesn’t have to have negative effects on you or your agency. Unfortunately however, owners only realise that their agency is dying once it’s too late so take a look at these warning signs and act now!

You aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for

If goals constantly get changed or pushed back, then something is seriously wrong! Whether you aim for more clicks, better leads, increased growth or higher profits, instead of changing your goals, you need to change your strategy. Traditional marketing methods such as flyers, leaflets and adverts no longer work like they used to as the public are now more intelligent than that. Nowadays, it is imperative that your business implements a content marketing loop.

You aren’t generating instructions

In estate agency, generating instructions is crucial so if you aren’t doing that, you’re in big trouble. If you aren’t seeing results then you need to look at ways in which to change it. Look at the strategies, products and processes that your agency already has and search for ways to better them.

Searching your business on Google doesn’t put you on the first page of results and you don’t have a social media presence

This may sound obvious but if you aren’t dominating the first page of results then how are potential customers meant to find you? One way of fixing this is to have active social media accounts and a company blog, using appropriate SEO.

You haven’t adjusted your marketing methods for years

If you haven’t adjusted your marketing strategy in years but don’t see anything wrong with it then it may be the case that you haven’t noticed just how bad your agency is. As the world has evolved over the years, marketing has too. Tried and tested activities that were popular years ago, just don’t work anymore.

You’re trying to do too much

Whether you have a different staff member leaving every week or are an estate agency trying to do everything in order to get one instruction. Stop. Small estate agencies often don’t have the time, budget or resources to successfully do everything. Sometimes it is best to leave marketing to an external business. Let them do their job and you will be able to do yours.

You aren’t tracking your success

Think about it logically - what is the point of putting in all the hard work and spending money on a campaign if you don’t know how it’s being received or what people are looking at. Imagine if you were able to see that a certain prospect was on your website, looking at your ‘Contact Us’ page. With a tracking system in place, you can see who is clicking on links and what they are looking at on your website eventually nurturing these leads into sales.

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