7 Reasons our enquiries just hit a all-time high from Agents

Why have our enquiries hit an all-time high? 7 ways in which agents use the Lifesycle platform in order to actually reduce their manpower costs, save on other outgoings and work smarter…

At £999+ vat per month, you might think the Lifesycle system is the last thing agents would be investing in at the moment but over the past 5 days, the number of enquiries from agents has risen to our highest level ever, so why? Let’s look at 7 ways in which agents use the Lifesycle platform in order to actually reduce their manpower costs, save on other outgoings and work smarter…

  1. Free Content and constant communication, no manpower required:

Once you subscribe to the Lifesycle platform you no longer have to think about creating content and keeping up regular communication with your audience, as Lifesycle agents receive 4 pieces of content per month. That content is automatically posted to your blog (don’t worry, we create that for you). It is also automatically posted to your Facebook page at a rate of one article per week. Not only that, Lifesycle will also do all of the work automatically to make sure that a monthly email newsletter including all of that free content is emailed out to your entire database each month, without you lifting a finger.

  1. Stay in touch with all potential sellers and landlords, no manpower required:

Lifesycle has a number of off the shelf email nurture journeys setup for you from day one. These are a sequence of emails that will go out to sellers and landlords that have had a market appraisal from you in the past but have not yet instructed you or have instructed a competitor. You can also think up your content and sequences that you would like to take place automatically, without any manual input required.

  1. Know which Buyers, Tenants, Vendors and Landlords to call and when:

Lifesycle uses Big Data to keep track of which Buyers, Tenants, Vendors and Landlords you should call in order to book more viewings, gain more valuations or generate more listings and then breaks them down into those categories for you, allowing you to make phone calls and send emails to the right people at the right time without the need for huge manpower to trawl through 100’s of contacts in order to do it.

  1. Work anywhere:

The Lifesycle system is 100% web based and works on any device ie mac, pc, mobile, tablet etc. The valuation calendar is visible for everyone to see on the go.

  1. Lifesycle cost ‘includes’ your instant valuation tool:

In times like these people might be more likely to use your online valuation tool but those leads won’t immediately turn into face to face valuations and listings. Lifesycle not only removes the cost of paying for the instant valuation tool but more importantly it will automatically communicate with those leads (via the methods mentioned in points 1 and 2) automatically forever, meaning that as the market picks up – all business comes back to you.

  1. Power up your Facebook Ads using audiences:

Lifesycle has a direct link into Facebook, allowing you to setup ads in Facebooks Ad Manager and then run them to specific groups of people inside Lifesycle. As an example, if you have a csv file of Landlords that do not currently use you for management, you can create an audience of them in Lifesycle and do email marketing to them, but also, when you log into Facebook Ads manager you can choose to run a Facebook ad directly to only those people. You might also choose to do this with long term prospects vendors or landlords etc. These audiences will stay up to date in Facebook automatically.

  1. Email communication:

Most Estate & Letting Agents don’t even have the simple facility to send email communication out to their database, which is crucial at this time, to update vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants with what your company is doing and why. In Lifesycle you can create an article about whatever message it is you would like to communicate and the system will automatically turn that into an email template for you allowing you to send it out to your chosen audience all in a matter of minutes.

Lifesycle has so many more reason as to why agents are joining but right now is a time for action. If you take serious steps to improve efficiency and work smart you will be in a much better position as we emerge from the current situation. If you freeze in the headlights, you might just never come back.

In order to try and support agents through this period we are making two significant changes – we are temporarily removing the barrier to entry of the setup fee and we are increasing our capacity to onboard agents, however this is still limited on a first come first served basis due to the current number of enquiries. Please contact us urgently if you would like to know more information about getting setup on the platform.

Find out how 1000s of agents now use our system to work smarter and beat the competition.

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