7 things you need to learn from McDonalds' marketing

7 things you need to learn from McDonalds' marketing

Whether you’re a fan or not, you cannot deny that McDonalds have created a successful worldwide brand and some even believe they have created one of the greatest business models to follow. From the recognisable logo, customer loyalty games and the identifiable mascot – McDonalds have cemented their brand and we can all learn from them – no matter how big or small your company.

1. Establish your brand

A strong brand presence helps your business build reputation, promote services, connect with your customer base and differentiate you in the market. Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight and even McDonalds have worked for years to get where they are but with advertising, events and sponsorship they have become one of the world’s most reputable images.

2. Keep your brand consistent

McDonalds have branches all around the world but they all look, feel and behave in the same way. McDonalds have mastered their experience to be consistent from customer journey, products, décor and manner. It is important to ensure that all customer facing material is consistent – why not write style guidelines about the exact colours a designer must use, how your copy should be written and do and don’ts of your logo. Getting help from a professional design company will also ensure your brand is on point.

3. React to market changes

In recent years, McDonalds have had to face a new healthy eating trend in the UK and criticism of their food. Instead of packing things up and admitting defeat, the fast-food chain began to advertise the origin of the food detailing exactly what goes into it, completed a major redevelopment of their décor and became involved in more charity and social improvement activities. They also began to offer water, juice and fruit bags.

4. Understand your customers

Knowing your target audience can be tricky. Yet instead of specifying, McDonalds target everyone. In their UK coffee advert, they highlight the different types of people who come in at different times of the day. McDonalds relate to all ages. Whilst your target audience may be more defined, one thing is obvious – the more you understand your customers, the easier marketing becomes. Create a brand that is relatable and you won’t go wrong.

5. Be creative

McDonalds, Nike, KFC and Apple – all have been around for years but they still come up with inventive and new marketing ideas. From customer loyalty programmes to specialist adverts, without creative marketing, your business is nothing.

6. Take risks

Some strategies will work and some will most definitely fail but McDonalds didn’t get to where they are today by playing it safe. They began as a burger chain and now have chicken, salad, ice cream, desserts and breakfast options on the menu.

7. Examine your competition

It doesn’t matter how big your company or what industry you are in – there is always going to be competition. Understand what your competitors do, learn about their successes and failures and predict their next move. It is essential to research your competitors – McDonalds have done this and look where they are now.

Whilst we may not have the resources or budget available to McDonalds, one thing’s for sure, we can all learn from their successful marketing strategies. To speak to one of our experts about the best marketing for your business, get in touch today.

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