Are you struggling to write or source engaging content?

Are you struggling to write or source engaging content?

At Iceberg, we know that creating or sourcing content can be very time consuming. A working day for estate agents is filled with various tasks and often there isn’t enough time in the day to think about anything else.

That's where we come in! Each month we provide agents with 3 engaging lifestyle articles to use within their magazines. However once the magazine has been published, this doesn't have to mean the end of that particular contents journey.

The celebrity and lifestyle articles we publish are a great way of interacting with your social media followers. Simply break your 3 articles down into 3 separate social media posts and link the post back to specific pages in your magazine. At a rate of 1 post per week combined with one post about the magazine itself, you will have a whole month worth of posts! Your content is engaging, interesting and professional and best of all it sits inside your very own branded magazine, making your business look even better.

If that all sounds like just too much hassel - you might like another of our products called FRAGRA which will automatically take your magazine content, post it to your website in the form of a blog and then post one article at a time to ALL of your social media accounts over the course of the month. FRAGRA then also tracks the activity of what your visitors look at and emails them more info about things that appeal to them, helping them along the sales funnel.

For more information about how we can help your company introduce something like this, click here to contact us today for a chat.

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