Find out how our simple tool can eliminate dead end leads

Find out how our simple tool can eliminate dead end leads

As an estate agent, you probably know good leads are like gold, and there are plenty of methods out there for grabbing them. Publications, landing pages and free valuations are to name just a few, and these are killer ideas to employ for any estate agency. Yet it’s what you’re doing with those leads that may be killing your business.

Imagine this scenario: You’ve offered an instant valuation of your customer’s home in exchange for their details. Now you’ve got a name, an address and a phone number. You pass the number on to your sales team who give the prospective customer a call. The customer replies they only entered their details out of curiosity and they haven’t even made the decision to sell yet. The phone cuts out. And you’re back where you started.

These are dead leads. They’re pointless, a waste of time and emotionally frustrating. So why are you putting up with them? There is one simple tool out there that can eliminate these dead leads from your business forever.

The real truth? Every single lead is viable.

You’ve just got to move that lead through the process.

And within that process, you’ve got to know how to convert your estate agency leads into clients. Just because a lead isn’t ready to buy now doesn’t mean they won’t ever be willing to buy or sell. It just means that they aren’t ready “right this instant” to use your services.

This is why it is imperative that you be in front of their face at the right time. It’s why you need to be sending messages and calls to action all the time, appealing to leads in their differing levels of readiness.

Which means, you’ve got to nurture your leads until it’s the right time for them and there’s only one way to do this: with a marketing automation system.

Our FRAGRA Marketing Automation system collects your leads automatically from all of your different tools as it tracks your customers throughout your website, adding them to custom nurture journeys that will automatically email ALL of your leads useful content over the short, medium and long term, all whilst you’re busy being an estate agent.

Using our suite of tools, we can create content, push your content out to the right audience, create one off email campaigns, and pre-built nurture journeys, begin targeted ads on Facebook to your leads, create automated monthly newsletters and you’ll receive notifications when the best time is to convert your lead, allowing you to focus on the day to day work you’re supposed to be doing without wasting time generating those dead end leads.

Stop wasting time generating dead leads hoping one will stick, and take the time to nurture the ones you currently have into real customers.

For more information on our FRAGRA marketing automation system and suite of products, or to chat with one of our experts about how we can help you modernise your business, see our website or get in touch!

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