Give your estate agency the best chance at succeeding in the 21st century with this ESSENTIAL guide

Give your estate agency the best chance at succeeding in the 21st century with this ESSENTIAL guide

If your business is to have even the slightest chance of success in the 21st century, then you have to be on board the social media marketing train. If businesses don’t investigate this or simply refuse to incorporate social media marketing into their strategy, then ultimately they will fail. We are constantly asked questions about social media and how to use it, which is why we decided to write this complete and essential guide to Facebook marketing.

As of 2016, Facebook had over 1.13 billion daily users and if you think about the free tools available, it’s got to be worth getting your head around. Facebook is a social network so marketing on such platforms should contain efforts to build lasting relationships with potential customers as well as providing interesting and relevant content that isn’t just centred on making a sale. Be sociable, reply to followers and get networking.

Every business should have a Facebook Business Page. This is different to a Facebook Profile Page. This business/company page is where you post content, engage with followers and build brand awareness. It is a completely FREE tool and is the first step to creating and building your business presence on Facebook. To work with Facebook Ads, you will need a Facebook Business Page. A Facebook Ad is content that you pay to share with a specific, targeted audience with the aim of getting your brand out there. You may have also heard of Facebook Groups. These are a place for people to get together to share information and ideas with like-minded users. 

These are the 3 most popular and common Facebook marketing components but there are various practices, which will benefit your efforts, sending your sales into overdrive.

Know your audience: How are you meant to get your message across successfully if you don’t know whom you are speaking to? Facebook demographics and brand intelligence can be a great place to start in knowing who your Facebook audience will be. From there you can use Facebook Audience Insights to find out more information about potential customers on Facebook. This is a very useful method when determining what content will be most effective.

Content is key: Instead of focusing on selling, push out relevant and regular content that will engage, educate and entertain potential customers. High quality content isn’t just information that is well written, but is information that is of real value. Educate your clients with FREE appropriate information and demonstrate how you are vital, creating a trusting relationship with them, eventually leading them to make a purchase. Instead of trying to tell the world how great your company is, explain why your company is useful and the answer to every problem. Sell the benefits of your business, not the products.

Consider Facebook Re-marketing: So, we’ve all been there. You’ve found that shiny new car on the web or maybe you’ve spotted those shoes that have your name all over them. You close the page and then as if by fate, they appear as an advert on Facebook. This is remarketing, which works by following your leads around the web with related offers. When someone visits your website they are ‘tagged’ so to speak. A code is placed on the page that the user has visited, which then prompts your ads to follow that ‘tagged’ user around the web. Facebook remarketing uses this process but if someone has been on your website, your advert will then show the next time they are on Facebook.

Choose your pinned post wisely: A pinned post is the post at the top of your Facebook Page. Like the name suggests, it is ‘pinned’ to the top and isn’t pushed down when you post new content. Use this space to share important news, highlight a new video or anything else you feel will engage followers. 

Think about posting times: People always ask us about when the optimum posting time is but in reality, people are on social media at ALL times and even if they aren’t active at the exact time you do post, the likelihood is, they are going to scroll down and see it. Page Insights will show your engagement data but optimum postage time also goes hand in hand with the fact that you need to know your target audience. If your aim is the consumer market, consider times when they might be online – lunchtimes, early morning, early evening etc.

Facebook can be confusing at first but is a very successful marketing method. If you have any questions about the best marketing for your business, then get in touch today and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

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