How to keep working while relaxing with family at Christmas

How to keep working while relaxing with family at Christmas

The FRAGRA system continues to work for our estate agency clients, even while they munch mince pies and relax with family.

Many estate agents find it difficult to relax over Christmas, and with the New Year continuing to be the busiest time to buy or sell a home, you may be worried the potential customers you called in December might have forgotten you by January.

What’s more, even if you decide to keep working throughout the Christmas season, spamming leads with constant phone calls will, if anything, chase them away from your business just in time for the New Year.

The truth is, most people aren’t in the mind-set of selling their home over the Christmas season; they’re busy buying gifts, sorting the turkey and putting up decorations. It won’t be until the New Year that they’ll begin the search for an estate agency.

So why aren’t our estate agency clients worried?

The key is to keep your name at the back of their mind, while setting yourself up as an expert in the industry, so when you return from your Christmas break, they’re ready to sell with you.

The secret our clients have discovered to ensure this (and without lifting a finger!) is to take advantage of the FRAGRA marketing automation system.

Marketing automation keeps you at the top of your customer’s thoughts by sending them useful and engaging content which turns them onto your brand until they see you as an expert of the estate agency industry.

You can build relationships with your leads, causing them to become more loyal to you over time without ever pestering them.

Using our suite of tools, we can not only create content for our clients and push that content out to the right audience, but also create one off email campaigns, and pre-built nurture journeys, begin targeted ads on Facebook to leads, create automated monthly newsletters and they’ll also receive notifications when the best time is to convert their lead, allowing them to relax and enjoy this Christmas with their family.

The best gift FRAGRA gives you year round is the gift of time.

Nurture your leads the best way possible, by enquiring about our suite of tools specifically built for estate agencies today.



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