How traditional estate agents are fighting back!

How traditional estate agents are fighting back!

Every agent in the UK knows the property industry has shifted over the last few years. Online portals and online estate agencies have pushed the industry toward a more digitally-enabled culture.

In the current digital era, where the average person spends well over 20 hours per week browsing the internet, using digital tools has become a part of people’s everyday lives. The rise of Online Agencies shows that online shopping doesn’t have to be limited to smaller ticket purchases – it can be applied to buying property, the biggest investment in the average person’s lifetime.

Recognising that online agents were being instructed to sell more and more properties, taking instructions away from good high street agents, and yet failing to sell these properties, something needed to be done to give traditional estate agents a way to fight back against online agents and win back the business of tech-savvy home sellers.

We can help you fight back against online agencies.

Our unique range of products and systems are modernising the industry and helping traditional high street agents by equipping them with the tools needed to bring in and keep leads for life.

We help agencies take on a process called ‘valuation netting’. This process can be done using the Bait and FRAGRA tools that our clients use for valuations, which provide responsive web presentations, then track potential customers as they click around your website and automatically place these potential instructions into pre-built email nurture journeys to ensure all leads are communicated with by sending useful content to them from your brand forever without anyone having to worry over sending emails manually.

Marketing Automation and lead nurturing have become an integral part of a successful estate agency marketing strategy—specifically when building relationships with potential sellers even if they are not currently looking to use a product or service from you.

Potential sellers don’t become customers overnight—they require marketing over time as they self-educate and build trust with a company. Lead nurturing helps marketers communicate consistently with buyers cross-channel and throughout the sales cycle.

In the modern world where many estate agencies hate online agencies and are struggling, take example and utilise these tools now before it is too late.

For more information on our products and systems, or to chat with one of our experts about how we can help you modernise your business and fight against online agencies, see our website or get in touch!

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