Is your estate agent marketing 10 years out of date?

Is your estate agent marketing 10 years out of date?

So much has changed for businesses in the last ten years. With the rapid increase in technology being utilised within all industries, most have caught up with this technological revolution, implementing it within their methodologies to become more competitive, increase their customer base, and bring in more profits.

However, estate and letting agencies seem to be getting left behind with out of date marketing. 10 years out of date to be exact. Sending out boring valuation letters, continuous phone calls and flooding sites like RightMove and Zoopla will no   longer achieve anything for your marketing, and, if anything, will turn prospective customers off your business.

The problem that arises is that most estate agencies don’t have the time, or don’t see the value in using technology to perfect their content marketing, which could cause unbelievable growth and many incredible advantages to their business.

Here’s where we come in.

Our unique range of products and systems are modernising the industry.

The Bait tool to attract and net your prospects, Gabble content writing team, Lambuka campaign and publication creator, Fragra tracking tool and Any ideas creative agency were created exactly for this purpose, and tailored to the property industry, each one completing one part of a content marketing loop and working simultaneously together to ensure that once setup your business can continue to run in its normal fashion without having to change anything internally.

In fact, not only can we optimise content, send that content out on social media, generate and manage leads, then convert them at the right time, but we do it all without you lifting a finger.

By using our tools, you can become a local expert and ensure that your estate agency is the point of contact for both homeowners looking to sell and prospective homebuyers in your local area and beyond.

Welcome to the future of estate agent marketing!

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