Marketing pulling you in 20 different directions?

Marketing pulling you in 20 different directions?

These days marketing your estate agency can feel as though you need 40 hours in a day and an unlimited budget to stay on top of everything. Content writers, CRMs, instant valuation systems, Facebook marketing, print marketing, email blasts, and numerous other marketing gimmicks and tricks for estate agencies take up time and money, pulling you into twenty different directions, and leaving you lost in the middle.  If your marketing is causing you to feel overwhelmed and confused, we have the answer.

For a second, let’s forget all the extras, and go back to basics.  There’s one system you need to bind all your other marketing together. It’s the foundation on which you can build your whole agencies marketing.

So maybe you have live chat on your website, instant valuation tools, monthly email newsletters, you deliver leaflets and that’s just the start, but how do you manage all of the different leads over the short, medium and long-term?

For example, a well-used marketing tool within the estate agency industry is an instant valuation tool. Once someone clicks to receive a free instant valuation, their details are passed through to your agency and you can give them a call to convert them into customers.

The problem is, most people taking advantage of this offer are just curious, and not ready to convert. The result becomes they reply they’re not interested and you’re left where you started, with no leads and nowhere to go.

This is the case for most estate agents in their marketing efforts. If the lead is not buying/selling right now, it is considered dead.

So what’s the solution?

Our FRAGRA Marketing Automation system collects your leads automatically from all of your different tools and it tracks your customers throughout your website, adding them to custom nurture journeys that will automatically email ALL of your leads useful content over the short, medium and long-term, all whilst you’re busy being an estate agent.

It’s essentially the glue that holds all your other marketing in place, and it needs to be in place before all other marketing tools to be the most effective, otherwise how will you manage your leads?

Using our suite of tools, we can create content, push your content out to the right audience, create one-off email campaigns, and pre-built nurture journeys, begin targeted ads on Facebook to your leads, create automated monthly newsletters and you’ll receive notifications when the best time to convert your lead is, allowing you to focus on the day to day work you’re supposed to be doing.

A good strategy with a Marketing Automation system in the centre is the easiest way to attain effective and complete marketing, covering the short, medium, and long-term.

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