Measuring the success of your social media marketing

Measuring the success of your social media marketing

Facebook engagement is the worst way to judge the success of your content.

This may surprise you to hear, because most people base success on the amount of traffic you get, how many "likes" a Facebook posts has and how many shares an article creates.

Among engagement metrics, likes are an easy metric to track. Businesses launch campaigns to increase their number of page likes, then track those likes over time as a measure of their success. As the story goes, the more likes a business has, the more people are signalling their intent to engage and purchase from them. What’s more: Get one person to like your business and you may also convince her friends and family to give you a try, too. But are these assumptions accurate?

New research suggests that likes, one of the key features of platforms like Facebook, have minimal relevance when it comes to predicting consumer behaviour. Sure, getting people to click that thumbs up icon may feel validating. But that act in and of itself isn’t enough to get people to engage with and spend more with your brand over the long haul. Basically, you can’t take Facebook likes to the bank.

So what does your target audience do instead? They lurk. They see what you’re putting out, but they hardly ever engage. 

The target audience for estate agents will usually lean towards working professionals, or parents with families- who have hectic, full lives. These people are too busy to spend their time commenting on every picture, or blog. In fact, statistics show the more sophisticated your audience is, the less engagement you tend to see -- be it email, social media or online advertising.

Content marketing is not a short term strategy.

Sure, you’ll reach a small portion of people who are ready to sign up straight away, but it’s the dormant market that are slowly growing to like, know, and trust you every time you send content out.

While this is an invaluable way to market, you won’t see immediate results. Someone who sees your post on “5 ways to protect your home from damp” and scans past without liking, or maybe even clicking through, will remember that your agency offers valuable and useful content, and are a brand name they can trust. When they come to later sell their home, the chances they come to you are significantly raised, even if you saw no engagement from them at the time.

What should you focus on?

Focus on revenue, not likes, shares, or comments. The only true way to judge the success of your content marketing is to measure the amount of revenue it makes over time. This is the bottom line and all that matters: literally, how your content affects your bottom line.

Once you get on board with this, it empowers you to go out and create your best content yet, unaffected by how many people are clicking that like button. Instead, you create relevant content for the right people at the right time, and measure the effect it has on your bottom line over time, so you can scale-up and take your estate agency to the next level. 

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