Running low on properties?

Running low on properties?

Your newspaper is not about properties…

Nowadays, effective marketing comes down to creating high quality content. High quality content isn’t just information that is well written, but is information that is of real value to your potential clients. Educate your clients with appropriate information and demonstrate how your business is credible, useful and interested in building relationships by offering free content. Creating and distributing this kind of relevant, valuable information will then help bring clients to you, instead of you having to try and find them.

It is crucial not to target potential clients with information or products that they don’t want or need i.e. lots of properties. Instead, create content and information that people actually want to consume.

Still not convinced?

The Hunters Worsley office recently printed their own newspaper using the editorial articles we supplied for them in order to create something containing useful, high quality content to test the theory. 

Once printed and distributed, Julia Lukow, Branch manager, commented: “Everyone is talking about it when they call to book viewings and valuations and we have seen a surge in Valuation requests.” Christien Phillips, Director, of Hunters Thirsk, has just made their first newspaper, following our advice and included just 7 properties. He said: “The finished article is of high quality and is certainly in keeping with the professional image that Hunters hold. We would highly recommend working with Iceberg Digital if you wish to stand out from the crowd.”

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