The A to Z guide of marketing for estate and letting agents

The A to Z guide of marketing for estate and letting agents

A: Audience- Know your audience and market specifically to them. Work smart, not late.

B: Blog- Regular blog posts can pull customers to your site and keeps them updated on your company and the industry. As many estate and letting agencies don’t have the time or resources to create enough content, outsourcing this task to marketing experts is the best way to go.

C: Content- “Content is King” is a phrase regularly used in marketing, and Estate and letting agency marketing is no different. Good content can attract the right audience, engage and inform a prospective customer as well as ensuring your blog and website ranks well on Google search.

D: Distribution- Is anyone seeing your work? Website, blogs, social media, printed branding and ad campaigns all contribute to getting your name out there.

E: Email Marketing- Still one of the best marketing techniques available and increasingly made easier with new automation and publishing systems.

F: Fragra- A marketing automation that uses tactics. Prospects are targeted, based on their activities and receive specific content and marketing, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale.

G: Gabble- A marketing tool to create bespoke written and designed content for your business and its blogs, newsletters, social media and more.

H: House descriptions- Do your descriptions make people want to “try” or “buy”? Is your copy seductive or are you just blandly describing the basics? A good house description can make or break your sale; set the scene to spark the customer’s imagination.

I: Information- Don’t let your customers struggle to find out who you are, where you are and when you’re open. Fill in the “about us” section across all social media platforms and ensure the information is clearly presented on your website.

J: Jargon- Avoid jargon and “PR speak”. Your clients will always react better to plain English.

K: Keep it consistent- Ensure branding and marketing is consistent across all your branches and online platforms. Inconsistencies are off-putting and confusing to prospective clients.

L: Lambuka- A beautifully designed publishing system that allows estate and letting agencies to quickly and easily produce their own publications. Choose the layout, drag and drop your content and preview before you publish online or send to print.

M: Marketing Appraisals- Bait is the ultimate tool for estates and letting agents to create market appraisals. Send your clients professional follow up information, keep track visually of what you have waiting to come on the market, receive notifications of when your clients are ready to convert and know what your next step needs to be.

N: Newsletters- A wonderful little snapshot of information, company news, and tips, a newsletter ensures your company name is regularly seen by your customers.

O: Originality- The very best, most powerful content is unique and highly original. Be creative. Experiment. Take a risk from time to time. Add value.

P: Promotion- Organic marketing is dying out, and with everyone scrambling to compete for your customers time, the right promotion can make all the difference. Ad campaigns, email blasts and printed material can push your name above the rest of the noise.

Q: Question constantly- As technology grows and changes, so should your marketing tactics. Always question “is this working for me?” and “what can I do better?”  to stay ahead of the curve

R: Reporting- Regular reports inform you of what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Take note of how your audience is responding and adapt to correct it. There’s no better way to ensure growth than to listen to your customers and respond in turn.

S: Social Media- Statistics show that nearly 80% of people now head straight to social media when they want to learn more about or to connect with a company, so it’s vital for any estate or lettings agency to keep on top of this side of your marketing.

T: Testimonials- Testimonials are tremendous trust signals. Showing that real, live people endorse your services means the world to potential clients. When a homebuyer has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for a testimonial.

U: User experience- You should have a deep understanding of your users, and subsequently figure out how content can extend and enhance the user experience.

V: Video Marketing- Give your customers that extra level of visual experience by using videos to showcase your homes. You’ll stand out from the competition and they’ll appreciate the transparency. 

W: Walk throughs- Walk the customer through your properties using videos, pictures and 360 degree virtual tours.

X: X- times amount- Marketing can often be a guessing game, with no set formula that works just for you and no magic number of posts to reach your audience. Trial and error your ideas, posts and blogs, be creative, and take some risks. Some will pay off and you’ll know your audience better for the future.

Y: Yearly reboots- Take time to re-evaluate and re-boot your company every year to keep up with an ever changing industry. Content, marketing, branding and tone are just a few of the things that occasionally require a modern overhaul.

Z: Zeal- Fierce competition within the estate and lettings agency industry means everything you undertake must be done with passion and zeal to cut above the rest. Experiment, go the extra mile and show your customers your company can do more for them. 

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