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Estate Agents that have furloughed staff and want more automation.


Reinventing the 1- 31 system for estate agents:

Of course, at the time of writing this, we are currently in lockdown from Covid-19, so you may not currently be carrying out any new valuations but how are you staying in contact with all of your previous ones in order to make sure they list with you when this is all over? Also, how are you planning on running your systems more efficiently when this is all over? The 1 to 31 system or call back diary in Estate Agency has been around since what seems like the dawn of time and why not? After all, what could be more important than trying to stay in touch with all of your potential new listings?

Covid-19 brought with it, problems around this that have highlighted, perhaps it is time for a change in the way we work on these sorts of tasks.

For most agents, their current system works something like this. They go out on a valuation, then place the potential business into some sort of call back diary. They call the person a few days later. If no success, they put them in to be called a week later and repeat that process for a few weeks.

After this they are placed into a monthly call back diary and so on.

The problem with this system is that it was created in a completely different age to the one we now live in.

The reality is that in today’s world people do not want regular phone calls from an Estate Agent asking them if they would like to proceed. In fact, they don’t really like to receive unsolicited phone calls about anything from anyone! Place on top of this the immediate problem of Covid-19 that has led to most of the staff in Estate Agency being furloughed and then finally, the ongoing problem that when those staff do return, is that really the way we want our company still to run?

But from the agent’s point of view how do you stay in constant contact with all of your leads and know when the exact right time is to call and close the deal, in order to win the instruction?

Fortunately, technology has evolved to help with this problem.

In terms of the best way to stay in touch with potential new clients Google showed us their well-known white paper ‘The Zero Moment Of Truth’ that the best way to do this is through sending useful content. You can watch more about how this works here.

So how does the Lifesycle system help?

When you add a market appraisal into Lifesycle it generates a beautifully branded web based presentation and emails it to the seller, along with an email thanking them for giving you the opportunity to value their property. They also receive an sms with a link to the presentation.

Once the seller looks at the presentation the system does a number of things.

  1. It places them into your Lifesycle eco system, making sure that they will now receive your content automatically by email and social media ads 24/7 365 forever, without you lifting a finger. This is super important, as just sending the presentation will not help to nurture them over the long term.
  2. It places them into a tracking system, which means that whenever that potential seller or landlord is reading any of your content online, or just visiting your general website, or the presentation that you sent, your valuer will receive an instant notification by email letting them know, that now could be a good time to touch base. This happens no matter if you valued their property 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year ago! Again, an important aspect of this is knowing when they are on your general website or reading your content as just receiving notification when they look at the presentation will be of limited help as they will soon get bored of looking at the presentation.

Because of this constant nurturing of every single valuation that you ever do and the alerts across the presentation, your website and your content, as well as the fact that Lifesycle is a complete eco system for both email and social media, this means that no matter how many valuations you have in your system, Lifesycle will stay in contact with ALL of them 24/7 365 forever and automatically let you know when it is the best time for you to get in contact.

It stands to reason that if you are able to stay in contact with everyone forever and also know when the right time is to call them, you will close more deals that otherwise may have just drifted away.

Of course, you should or may still want to make your initial follow up calls, but you no longer have to worry about trying to stay in contact with everyone long term when you have no real reason to call them.

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