The essential guide to Twitter marketing

The essential guide to Twitter marketing

Twitter has over 316 million users and is one of the easiest and most effective marketing platforms available for FREE! Signing up to Twitter is easy yet how do you turn your account into a lead generating tool nurturing prospects until the final sale?

Twitter marketing isn’t just about sending a few tweets whenever your company has some exciting news or talking about the weather and asking ‘who has got that Friday feeling?’ Successful Twitter marketing means you have to engage with your target audience. The world is evolving quicker than we can keep up with it but one thing’s for sure, when used correctly social media marketing is powerful.

First things first, you need to make sure people can easily find your profile. Use your logo, a cover photo that ties into your latest campaign, your website link, and a pinned post at the top of your page that gets across a key message or link. You also need to think about your bio as this will help you appear in searches.

Many businesses make the same mistake of approaching all social media channels in the same way. Each social media network has different audiences and therefore need to be used differently. Instagram is all about broadcasting images, LinkedIn is for connecting and Twitter is about interacting.

Businesses can use Twitter to:

  • Share content
  • Drive engagement
  • Interact with customers
  • Network

Instead of asking yourself ‘how can I get more followers?’ ask yourself ‘how can I get more active followers?’ Think about it – what is the point of having 5000 followers if none of them are interested in your product? Look for hashtags relating to your business and get involved in Twitter chats, by replying to and mentioning relevant accounts.

Twitter is an interaction channel so instead of purely posting promotional content and images with no captions, ask questions! If you get mentioned from previous clients, make sure you retweet and reply. This way you are advertising a review and also communicating with consumers.

Knowing how often to tweet is also a common problem. There is a fine line between irritating your followers with too many pointless tweets and your followers forgetting you and not realising your account is still live. Schedule one post a week but in the meantime reply to any mentions promptly and have a daily look through other accounts, retweeting anything of particular importance. Hashtags can also make a huge difference as to whether or not what you are posting can be found so use relevant and specific tags for optimum reach.

When to post is another question and comes down to your target audience. Try and catch people before and after meetings, at lunchtime and weekend mornings when they may be lazing around scrolling through.

Like with any marketing method, you need a strategy. If you just post content and wish for the best, unfortunately you’re only heading one way and that’s to the bottom. Plan a monthly schedule across all social media channels and remember it’s okay to post content you have already shared. On average, the second time you share a post will receive 86% as much engagement as the first time you shared it.

We understand that you may have worked hard to create an email list so why not use an email integration tool, matching contacts in your email database with their corresponding Twitter accounts. Then keep these leads warm by posting relevant content, strengthening the relationship you have built with them.

Things to remember:

  • Tweet questions
  • At least 30% of your Tweets should be replies
  • When Tweeting links, add a line of your own to spark conversation
  • Being more conversational means higher engagement

As with any strategy, it is important to have some goals so consider these:

  • Build an engaged following
  • Monitor and improve your brand’s reputation
  • Respond to customer complaints quicker
  • Generate leads and more traffic to your website
  • Network with influencers

If you follow this advice, instead of setting up a Twitter account and following random people in return for a follow back, your business will successfully be using Twitter to engage and grow your brand.

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