The ultimate guide to modern day marketing

The ultimate guide to modern day marketing

Modern customers are sophisticated and expect a sophisticated service back. Tried and tested marketing activities that were once popular just don’t have the same effects as they once did. Advertising rarely gets enough response in order to justify the costs and you might even find that the website you spent a lot of money and time on, just isn’t creating the appropriate leads and clicks.

Content Marketing

It’s obvious that marketing is changing faster than people can keep up with it. People no longer want to receive traditional marketing methods like newspaper adverts and the public now filter out things they do not want to read. Nowadays, effective marketing comes down to creating high quality content, which is then shared across the web. High quality content isn’t just information that is well written, but is information that is of real value to your potential clients. Educate your clients with appropriate information and demonstrate how your business is indispensible. Creating and distributing this kind of relevant, valuable information will then help you turn prospects into buyers and buyers into long-term clients.

It is crucial not to target potential clients with information or products that they don’t want or need. Instead, create content and information that people actually want to consume. It is also important to remember that advertisers can no longer lie or exaggerate about their product or service. If they do, they will be found out which is every business’s nightmare. Create a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Social Media Marketing

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you but in today’s world, you should be using social media. 20 years ago if someone wanted to enquire with your company they would either visit your office or ring. Nowadays, the first thing people do is search for your company online. As a result of this, you need to make sure that your business can be found easily. Having active social media accounts is just one way of securing your brands reputation but also allows for constant business to consumer communication. Instead of viewing social media as ‘a young person’s thing’ think of it this way - using social media is free and a great way to get word out about you and your product.


Another hot topic is remarketing. Ever found that shiny new car on the web and then as if by fate, it appears as an advert on Facebook. Well, we hate to break it to you but it’s not fate – this is remarketing. Remarketing works by following your leads around the web with related offers. When someone visits your website they are ‘tagged’ so to speak. A code is placed on the page that the user has visited, which then prompts your ads to follow that ‘tagged’ user around the web. Facebook remarketing uses this process but if someone has been on your website, your advert will then show the next time they are on Facebook. Impressed? Well, did you know Facebook remarketing ads get 3X the engagement than regular Facebook ads!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another fantastic strategy especially as most people check their emails multiple times a day and as a result is still one of the most effective marketing methods. Whilst social media is useful for grabbing initial attention, email marketing connects with people who have already engaged with your brand.

Marketing Automation

Tracking and automation tools are another gift, which the modern world has given us so use it to your advantage. Why spend so much time and money on marketing and then not track its successes? As well as this, marketing automation allows you to nurture leads into the sales funnel. Mind = blown!

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