This is PLAYING THE LONG GAME at its finest!

Imagine if you had a data-driven ecosystem that autonomously tracked and monitored everything your current and future clients are doing on your website, blogs, social media, emails, instant valuation tool, pre and post-market appraisal....
While it also responded to your portal enquiries and let any pending Market Appraisals know that you had sold/let a property in their area.
Our system helps your future clients see you in the right place at the right time - rather than seeing you as just spam. It will free you up to do the awesome part of being an estate agent - Meeting people and providing them a world-class experience in moving!
After you help them move, our system would then repeat the same process until they were ready to do business with you again without you having to lift a finger.
BUT… how amazing would that data be to not only help that client to book in a valuation with you but also help you work out your winning strategy to obtain more clients!
The short term marketing game will become non-existent as you will have all the data and all the clients... but to win you have to start NOW to obtain it all or lose out when another agent in your area figures out the secret.
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