Tired of content writing and staying on top of Facebook?

Tired of content writing and staying on top of Facebook?

Are you tired of trying to think up content and stay on top of social media? Would you pay £299pm to never have to worry about it again?
Many agents contact us to say ‘I wish my social media ran like yours’ so, we have decided to productise it!
Our Gabble service will ensure that you have useful, engaging or educational content suited for your target market posted to both your blog and your Facebook page on a consistent basis without you lifting a finger.
Are you being consistent with your content?
One of the biggest fails in a business' marketing strategy is the publishing of regular content on their blog and social media.
Relationships are built on positive customer experiences and trust that a company will do what it promises and that its products and services correspond with its marketing. Inconsistent marketing erodes this trust and affects your company by hurting your reputation as someone that can actually deliver.
Don’t let your content and consistency be the hidden downfall in your business. Potential clients are checking out your content right now and if it is not up to scratch your reputation is suffering.
Stop delaying and let's fix it now.
Another great solution from Iceberg Digital - Modernising the property industry
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