Who is your estate agency targeting?

STOP wasting time, effort and resources on reaching the wrong people. 


Content marketing is the key to modern lead generation, and so many estate agencies now see the value in perfecting their strategies to ensure the maximum amount of leads converted. But many of them are making one key mistake when it comes to their marketing strategies that could be costing them BIG on their bottom line.  


It still baffles me when I ask estate agents who their target market or ideal customer is, and they reply “anyone who is buying, selling, renting or letting.” To me, it sounds like they really don’t know who that “anyone” really is. 


In today’s highly competitive market, with the ability to reach countless individuals on social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the many venues to engage with in terms of advertising, people are inundated with information overload.  They become desensitised to all the messages out there.  “Anyone” and “everyone” becomes no one very quickly.  Consider also your limited funds and time.  How can you reach “anyone” or “everyone?”  It’s like throwing a dart at the bullseye but in the dark.  You will probably hit something or someone, but more than likely it will not be the bullseye. 


Taking the time to carefully analyse who your customers are right now, and who SPECIFICALLY you want them to be will allow you to: 

  • - strategically plan where to allocate your advertising budget 

  • - set your social media ads to target the right people who will respond to you 

  • - plan your marketing around when your target market is most likely to engage 

  • - determine which events to attend and/or sponsor 

  • - construct your content so that it “speaks” to your target audience 

  • - differentiate yourself from your competition in your customer’s eyes 


Don’t waste another day focusing on “anybody” or “everyone.”  Instead, aim for that bullseye each and every day with resources that are aligned to ensure it happens.  This will eliminate the white noise and your target audience will finally start to hear you. 

Then, if your message holds value to the people you want to reach, they will talk to others and spread the word. True value is like water on a mountain top – it naturally finds its way down to the ocean, to where it belongs. 


The BEST way to define your target market, and find out how to reach them is to create a Buyer PersonaClick here to watch our CEO, Mark Burgess, talk about what to include in your buyer persona, and download your FREE template today.  


STOP wasting your time, effort and resources marketing to the wrong people, and see how targeting can create quality, solid leads you’ll love to work with within your business.  

Find out how 1000s of agents now use our system to work smarter and beat the competition.

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