Why Estate Agents with autonomous marketing make more money

Watch the video above where Mark Burgess, CEO of Iceberg Digital explains why many agents do not get the amount of business they feel they should and how to solve it by using autonomous marketing systems like Iceberg Digital.

We have just been crunching some numbers on some of the longer serving Iceberg Digital clients to see what sort of difference having lifecycle marketing systems that automatically run your marketing ecosystem to put the right content in front of the right people in Facebook, email, etc. 24/7 actually has to an estate agency. We can’t name the companies as they might not want us to but these are all companies that have been running our systems for 20 months+ and the numbers are pretty staggering...

We compared the amount of fees won from new instructions in the first 6 months of being an Iceberg client before our systems had much effect vs the most recent 6 months of being an Iceberg Digital client... 

Example 1: In the first 6 months Agent 1 used us he gained £57,000 worth of instruction fees - in the last 6 months he gained £250,000 worth of instruction fees.

Example 2: First six months using us they won 27k worth of instruction fees - last 6 months of using us £97,000 worth of instruction fees.

Example 3: First six months of using us, they won £43k of instruction fees - in the last 6 months £171,000 of instruction fees.

Example 4: First 6 months of using us - won £75k of instruction fees last 6 months with us £397,000 of instruction fees.

Example 5: first six months £27k won last 6 months £85,000 won

Example 6: £169k of won instruction fees in first 6 months - £392,000 in last 6 months!

Example 7: First 6 months of using us £131k won instruction fees - last 6 months £524,000 worth of won instruction fees!

Crazy eh?

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