Why print marketing for estate agency is far from dead

Why print marketing for estate agency is far from dead

Hunters estate agency reached an important milestone in their business recently, having hit an incredible 600,000+ publications sent out to local homes in the areas around their independently owned branches in the last 12 months. This milestone comes just at a time when most agents are moving away from print, but why?

In many ways, marketing is much like the fashion industry. It’s a discipline that never stands still and can be quick to discard last season’s staples in favour of the latest hot new ‘thing’.

The brightest and shiniest of these trends has to be digital, in all its forms. Content marketing has become a huge buzz word in all forms of modern day marketing and agents are becoming more and more aware of how to use this type of marketing on social media and blog sites.

With the surge in technology encouraging agents to move into the digital world, for many that seems to mean leaving the old print marketing methods behind. It is true that handing out leaflets and advertising in newspapers are almost obsolete in terms of ROI, but what about utilising content marketing within publications to reach those in your target audience that aren’t on the almighty Facebook or Twitter?

Hunters teamed up with Iceberg Digital, infamous for their awesome content marketing strategies, to give each of their branches across the country access to Iceberg’s online publishing system, known as Lambuka.

This allows branches to create magazines or newspapers containing engaging, lifestyle or home related content along with branch properties from a simple to use drag and drop system, then sending the files straight to print and out into the local areas.

Julie Lukow from Hunters Worsley said, “Everyone is talking about our recent publication when they call to book viewings and valuations. We have seen a surge in Valuation requests.”

The astounding amount of publications actually sent out really empathises the power of brand within a business, with reputation and recognition among the public making a huge difference to a company’s success.

The truth is that print content marketing can get you noticed in a world full of digital noise and has set a new standard throughout the estate agency industry in terms of gathering leads and converting those leads into customers. With the modern world of property becoming more cut throat by the year, finding new ways to use content could be vital for estate agencies to compete.

Print marketing isn't dead... it's just evolved. 

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