Why there is still a place for print marketing

Why there is still a place for print marketing

We were recently on a train when we spotted a VERY important message from Google.

To some, the advert was simply an advert. It took place on the front page of the Evening Standard and pictured a new phone. However, as digital marketing experts we saw a very different message.

Think about it this way – Google own the Internet so why are they using time, money and resources in order to use print marketing in their strategies. The answer is simple – IT WORKS.

Now we are the first people to tell you that the world is changing and over the past 10 years, technology has dramatically changed the way we think about and do business. However, unlike many industry experts predicted, print has not completely died out and still continues to have a place in the marketing world - a very successful one at that!

You only have to take a look at some of the biggest brands in the world to see how successful print marketing is. We’ve already mentioned Google but Airbnb also launched their printed magazines. In addition to this, Tk Maxx, Burger King, KFC, Volkswagen and McDonald's are just some of the other brands that have also utilised print marketing this year.

Print still retains some benefits over digital marketing, and knowing where and when to capitalise upon these benefits means you can put the platform to the best use for your estate agency. You may have heard of content marketing and the good news is that by having your own magazine you will actually be involved in content marketing.

Nowadays, effective marketing comes down to creating high quality content. High quality content isn’t just information that is well written, but is information that is of real value to your potential clients. Educate, entertain or engage your clients with appropriate information and demonstrate how you are vital.

Your potential clients get the information they require and you get to demonstrate your expertise, securing your company as the “go to” place in the potential clients head. The aim of content marketing is to provide valuable information to users for free, creating a trusting relationship with them, eventually leading them to make a purchase.

6 reasons to rethink print:

  1. All the big guys are doing it
  2. People love to unwind and relax with a printed magazine
  3. It grabs attention
  4. A personal lifestyle and property magazine looks impressive
  5. It’s a great way to get your brand recognised in the local area
  6. Great for direct mail promotions

If you want to reach more of the market share or have any questions about how your estate agency could create their very own printed publication, get in touch today.

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