From corporate to independent and solving the issue of having to do everything yourself

Neil King had previously been hugely successful in the corporate world of agency, working his way up the ladder from Negotiator to Area Director of some of the country’s biggest firms. Neil started his own agency back in 2004 and has never looked back but something he struggled with from the beginning was the lack of support around him. The feeling of having to do everything yourself can be overwhelming, especially when you have pressing issues to deal with that simply cannot wait.

Neil tried various ways to get marketing under control from employing full time staff to managing it himself but it was always a problem area. Following our methodologies at Iceberg and investing in a real structure and platform, Neil’s marketing has gone from strength to strength. As the number one agent in his area, Neil remains mixed on his views about expansion but is fully confident that the marketing side of his business is under control and ready to be rolled out across new locations should he decide to go down that path.

Neil King Neil King Residential MD says...

“ Working with Iceberg Digital is a big commitment as these guys are not just in it for the short haul. The longer term strategic planning was something missing from my business and Iceberg Digital solved that problem for me 110%.