1. Scope of the Policy
    • This Support Services Policy sets out Iceberg Digital’s processes for providing Customers with Support Services.
    • Terminology used in this Policy follows the definitions set out in Iceberg Digital’s Lifesycle Terms of Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) (as amended from time to time).
    • This Policy does not grant Customers any additional rights other than those set out in the Agreement and does not impose any additional obligations or liabilities on Iceberg Digital.
    • Any failure by Iceberg Digital to comply with this Policy will not give rise to any breach of contract claim or claim for damages from any Customer or third party.
    • Iceberg Digital may amend the Support Services Policy in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time.
    • The Customer may purchase enhanced support services separately at Iceberg Digital’s then current rates.
  2. Provision of Services
    • During the Business Day (usually 9.30-5.30 Monday to Friday save bank holidays in England), Iceberg Digital shall be available to provide Support Services as detailed in Clause 5.4 of the Agreement).
    • In case of emergency outside of these hours, Iceberg Digital will endeavour to respond to urgent support issues as soon as is reasonably practicable and can be contacted via email at .
    • Support Services are provided by Iceberg Digital’s own team and is dependent on Iceberg Digital’s own reasonable resources available at the time of the Customer’s request for the Services.
    • Iceberg Digital will not be obliged to provide any Support Services if payment by the Customer for any Fees or other charges is outstanding or in dispute.
  3. Support Requests
    • The Customer will make all support calls to Iceberg Digital using its general telephone number, also know as its Support Line, which will also have a voicemail facility.
    • Iceberg Digital shall be entitled to change the telephone number or e-mail address of the Support Line from time to time upon reasonable prior written notice to the Customer. A support specialist will acknowledge such Support Requests by returning calls or replying to emails placed through the Support Line during the Service Hours as soon as is reasonably practicable and no longer than 24 hours after receiving such support call or email.
    • Iceberg Digital is not responsible for responding to support calls or messages placed anywhere other than via the Support Line or the email address provided.
  4. Scope of Support Services
    • During the term of the Agreement, Iceberg Digital will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Support Services set out under the Agreement.
    • These Support Services are limited to Iceberg Digital providing
      • a) online training with our onboarding team;
      • b) accessible "show me" guides, "how to" guides and "system walkthroughs" for the operation of the Platform;
      • c) general reasonable support regarding the actual Lifesycle platform,
      • d) investigating and resolving general bugs;
      • e) Where reasonable and where it has been shown that ‘training videos’, ‘walkthroughs’ and ‘how to’ guides are not sufficient, new staff training and refresher training.
    • If the Software isn't working or the Customer cannot gain access to the Lifesycle platform, and this is due to a technical default at the Customer’s end, for example, an old browser, or old equipment then Support is not included for this, and Iceberg Digital is not responsible for resolving such issues. The Customer will need to rectify it themselves.
  5. Downtime
    • Where Iceberg Digital recommends and the Customer agrees that the best method of error correction involves an interruption of the live operation of the Lifesycle platform, Iceberg Digital shall use reasonable efforts to help the Customer and will aim to minimise the Customer’s business disruption so far as is reasonably practicable.
    • Supported Releases
    • Iceberg Digital will only provide the Support Services in respect of the latest release, and any assistance provided in respect of any other release shall constitute surcharge services.
  6. Other Services
    • Additional Services
    • Iceberg Digital may provide the Customer with additional services as may be agreed upon from time to time by the parties such as software training, e.g., in connection with the use of any release or for out of hours attention. These additional services will be outside of the scope of the Agreement and Iceberg Digital may charge the Customer for the additional services.
  7. Confidentiality and Data Protection
    • Iceberg Digital shall ensure that the Customer Data and any request for Support Services is kept confidential and stored in encrypted form.
    • All Customer Data (whether or not that data includes personal data as defined under the GDPR guidelines) shall be processed in compliance with Iceberg Digital’s Privacy Notice.
  8. Implementation of Policy
    • This Policy shall be deemed effective as of January 2020. No part of this Policy shall have retroactive effect and shall thus apply only to matters occurring on or after this date.