FRAGRA is marketing automation that uses tactics. Prospects are targeted, based on their activities and receive specific content and marketing, thus nurturing them from first interest through to sale.

Marketing automation allows you to target the right customers with the right messages, at the right time, meaning that you can increase the lifetime value of each customer. From nurturing leads to selling more to your current client base, Fragra can help you generate more sales revenue from customers.


Email Campaigns

Create beautiful and responsive email templates with ease using our simple drag and drop email builder.

Rules & Interests

Create rules that will apply interests to your website visitors. For example, if you have a page on your property website about what to do if you are thinking of selling your property - create an interest called ‘interested in selling’ and a rule that applies it to that person once they look at that page.

Automatically nurture your prospects

Use our simple drag and drop drip builder to create customer journeys that will kick in automatically based on any rules that you may have set up.

Always know who to call for your next deal

As FRAGRA is keeping track of all of your contacts activity, you no longer need to keep an eye on your traffic reports, as FRAGRA will email YOU to let you know when someone does something of interest or reaches a certain score that you deem of interest.

Easily create forms and landing pages for your campaigns

Need your clients to fill out a form? No problem. Use FRAGRA’s simple form builder and point your customers to it and their information will go directly into the FRAGRA system.

Dynamic lists

Tired of having to keep remaking your mailing lists based on who has opened and clicked things? Using FRAGRA’s dynamic lists, FRAGRA will move people in and out of your mailing lists automatically, depending on the criteria you set!


FRAGRA also links seamlessly with many other useful applications, including but not limited to:

Gabble the content writing service. If you are having content written for you by the team at Gabble, FRAGRA can automatically post the articles to your blog, push them out through your social media and email them out to your database at timely points throughout the month.

The ultimate Market Appraisals presentation for estate/letting agents. Once you have been out on a Market Appraisal is the documentation that you follow up with letting you down? By using our Market Appraisal tool you can build your clients an entire website, showing your valuation and thoughts on the property within a few minutes and email that through to them, showing you are cut above the rest and giving them confidence in your modern approach. FRAGRA can then track the vendors activity in terms of when they are looking at the market appraisal and also put them into a short and long term nurture journey, ensuring you never stop following up on ANY lead.

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