Lambuka is a publishing system used by 100’s of companies to quickly and easily produce their very own publications.

Many companies find that they have the content required to put together a brochure, magazine or newspaper but organising that content into the right order with ease, or publishing it into a digital magazine is not so simple for them and that is where Lambuka comes in.


Lambuka is an easy to use system, allowing agents to improve the outside vision of their business instantly and become market leaders.


Easy to use

You can preview how your publication will look in ‘book’ format. And then either make more amendments to the layout or ‘publish’ your content.

Quickly preview and edit

Traditionally Market Appraisal documentation consisted of a piece of paper. This does NOTHING for your estate agency so use this new and exciting tool to show that your business is current.

Printed and digital

Lambuka will then upload your publication in a professional and easy to use page turning format that you can then link on your website, social media and emails. Should you then wish to order printed copies of your publication it can also be done on the same page.

Quickly sync your data

Lambuka will connect to your estate/letting agency software and pull in all of the up to date property data for their branches (one branch is included in the £49 + VAT per month, each subsequent branch is £10 + VAT per month). Then when making their publication, agents can simply search for their properties and drag them onto the pages into our property templates. (Property templates can be customised for a one-off fee).

Content that just works

The publications you create in our system will just work, regardless of which device they are viewed on, meaning they are responsive for everyone.


Lambuka also links seamlessly with many other useful applications, including but not limited to:

Gabble the content writing service. If you are having content written for you by the team at Gabble it will automatically appear as designed pdf articles in your Lambuka account ready for when you pull your publication together.

Fragra the marketing automation and tracking system that will not only give you insights into exactly what and when people are looking at in your publication but will also track their activity on your website and automatically get an idea of what that person likes and send them more info based around those subjects, letting you know when it is time to close the deal.


Below you will see the pricing structure for our product with no hidden fees. If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch today and one of our experts will be more than happy to help.

From £49 +VAT per month

Send your marketing into overdrive today!

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