Iceberg Digital is a marketing agency that just loves estate agents!

Make your own magazine: In a short space of time iceberg-digital have created possibly the biggest impact in terms of suppliers of products to estate agents since the birth of estate agency software. Our multi award winning magazine system allows estate agents to bring a ‘game changer’ to the table and we are now helping over 200 estate agents to create their very own property and lifestyle magazines every month. These can be both online magazines or in print format. From some of the largest property firms in the world down to single branch agencies our cloud based magazine creator means that this form of marketing for estate agents really is something special.

Digital magazines can be placed on estate agents website, email signatures, prevaluation emails and more in order to help improve the visual perception and brand of a company to help gain market share.

We also deal with a whole range of other forms of marketing for estate agents from company brochures and iPad presentations right through to working as a full time marketing department for clients.