Why your call back diary is killing your business

Why your call back diary is killing your business

Find out why the trusted call back diary is now one of the biggest things killing traditional estate agency

The call back diary - An essential part of agency since, well, forever! But could this long-standing tool be the main thing killing traditional agency and inadvertently giving online agents such as Purplebricks a helping hand? We think so. The problem with the call back diary is that it is one of many ‘out dated’ processes that have been passed from generation to generation, without stopping to find out if there is now a better way. The rise of online agents has highlighted this problem because they have looked at how current processes can be improved. This is not to say their offering is better, but the processes they are using are – and the fact is a paper based manual call back diary can’t compete. So what is the better solution? The answer is tracking and nurture systems such as FRAGRA.

How does it work?
When returning from a valuation/market appraisal, you enter some information into Bait, our market appraisal tool i.e. your thoughts on the property, the suggested marketing price, some comparables. This then automatically builds a company branded market appraisal report like this: Click here to view and example market appraisal report

Now the magic really begins…
FRAGRA will now track your potential client’s activity, alerting your valuers WHENEVER they are looking at their market appraisal or any page on your website. Know how active potential clients are and when the right time to contact them is.

Stay at the top of their thoughts FOREVER, without lifting a finger… Based on the status of the market appraisal that you made in our system (changed via a drop down box) FRAGRA will automatically pull the potential seller into a pre-built drip/nurture email journey, pushing them through the sales funnel. So, if the status of the appraisal is 'decision pending' the seller will regularly receive emails about testimonials and other great reasons they should choose your company, therefore keeping the agent at the forefront of their mind. These emails will encourage them to click and read the content, which will then alert the valuer that the seller is now active.

Great in the short and long-term…
You/we can set up as many email nurture journeys as you please, so that your potential clients receive the right information to convert them into clients – whether their status is Decision pending, Went with another agent, On hold, SSTC, etc. (Imagine offering all of your mortgage, conveyancing and moving services in an email as soon as they client goes SSTC and tracking which ones they showed an interest in!).

Not only is this a good short-term tool but also a GREAT long-term tool. For example, when old valuations become active again and look at your website, you will get a notification – once again making sure you are always in the right place at the right time to close the deal - whether that be in 1 day, 1 month or 1 year! No more frustration of seeing a property you valued a year ago suddenly go up for sale with another agent AFTER the event!

Why the call back diary can’t win…
Change is sometimes hard to accept and traditionalists might argue, nothing beats actually calling people, and we would agree. The call back diary is still there. It still works the same way but systems like this throw your net out over a huge audience over long periods of time and keep you at the top of the thought process in both the short and long-term - something the call back diary simply can’t cope with. Online agents are using these tools and winning the war without the effort now but imagine what could happen for those agents who don’t embrace the change, 2-3 years down the line. Online agents will have will have had 2 or 3 year’s worth of instant and face-to-face valuations in their nurture journeys and tracking systems whilst the traditional agent will still be waiting for the phone to ring from their latest flyers…

FRAGRA can also send email newsletter for you, so if you already have this cost in your business, it can replace that and deliver more for your money each month.

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