‘Must read’ for agents becomes amazon best seller

Mark Burgess, our CEO and founder, has been recognised by amazon as a Best Selling Author for his book ‘Where Did My Industry Go’.

The book breaks down some of the key issues that currently exist in most estate agency businesses and explains how those issues can not only be solved but also what needs to be done in order to reinvent your processes and how it will open your eyes to a whole new dawn in estate agency - one where your current competitors simply can’t compete. Within days of its release, the book became an Amazon bestseller, shooting to number in 6 the world for Business books around Brands and Corporate Identity as well as grabbing the number one spot for hot new releases.

Since then the book has also risen to number 5 in the world for Business books on Strategy.

Mark Burgess has 25+ years of knowledge and experience in the property industry and has worked as an agent, as an advisor to agents and through Iceberg Digital has helped countless agents to gain a better understanding of their business and techniques used in other sectors to help them improve their overall marketing strategy and understand how marketing automation can be implemented to improve their business. In addition to this, Mark is a regular Proptech speaker at numerous national and international events in the property sector such as The Negotiator Conference and The Hunters National Conference.

Mark comments: “My first experience of an agency was back in the mid-1990s. Since then I have set up and built various successful businesses in the property, marketing, recruitment, publishing and digital sectors. Over all those years I have always remained connected to the estate agency industry in one way or another but the crazy thing is that although my journey over the years has been one of discovery and development, the estate agency industry itself has remained largely unchanged. The techniques and technology being used in the big wide world seem to have somehow passed traditional estate agency by and I am on a mission to bring that tech, process and reasoning into estate agency and help traditional agents modernise their business.”

The book ‘Where Did My Industry Go’ is available from Amazon now. You can find it here.

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